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Friday, September 16, 2005

Nutty for Putty!

Did you know that you can buy 5 POUNDS OF SILLY PUTTY from Crayola.com? My mind is reeling with the possibilities! Imagine! If you could read backwards, you could copy the entire newspaper covering a homeless person. How high would 5 pounds of Silly Putty bounce when you tossed it off a building? If you're at a loss for why you might need so much Silly Putty, check out this list of creative uses on their website. Did you know that Silly Putty, a combination of silicone oil and boric acid, was originally created as a replacement for rubber during World War II? Check out this history of Silly Putty at about.com. Here are some fun facts:

  • Did you know that astronauts on the 1968 Apollo 8 mission took Silly Putty with them to the moon?
  • Did you know that the Smithsonian Institution included Silly Putty in its exhibit on the 1950s?
  • Did you know that Binney & Smith, the makers of Crayola, bought the rights to Silly Putty in 1977 (after Peter Hodgson passed away)?
  • Did you know that you can no longer copy images onto Silly Putty from the comics because of the change in inking process?
  • Did you know that people did finally discover numerous practical uses for Silly Putty, including as a balance for a wobbly piece of furniture, lint remover, hole stopper, and a stress reliever.



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