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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Needle (and the Damage Done)

Last week, Extreme Craft brought you the heartwarming story of a young man from Thailand who is making his way though graduate school by creating severed body parts out of bread dough. Extreme Craft loves you so much that we're adding crocheted prostheses to the conversation. They are the work of Patricia Waller, who was originally trained as a sculptor, but "took to the needle" as they say. She comes strapped with a vendetta against art history's marginalization of needlework, and creates crocheted objects and needlepoint tableaus that take some good swipes at the establishment. She posesses a fervent imagination, and it shows in the details of her work: Adam and Eve aliens, bicycle accidents, needlepoint video game screens and shark attacks all jolt the viewer with their juxtaposition of the familiar and the violent (or just plain sidesplitting). My favorites are little tableaus of fantasy animals being subjected to medical experiments. Jaw-Dropping.

LINK thanks, SHANE!


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