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Thursday, September 22, 2005

How Bazaar!

Bazaar Bizarre
is a cherished Extreme Craft institution. For those of you who aren't yet in the loop, Bazaar Bizarre started in Boston in 2001 as a way for Crafters whose tastes were a bit more "mod" than "mod podge" to sell their wares. Next month, Left Coast Bazaar Bizaare majordomo Greg der Ananian will be publishing a book named after the collective, which will feature a gaggle of punkrock D.I.Y. projects, plus a rogues gallery of alterna-crafters. Extreme Craft was fortunate enough to get our greedy little hands on some sample pages for the book, and we're making them available to you HERE. If you live in Boston, L.A., or Cleveland, events are coming up between Thanksgiving and Christmas--you can find more information at www.bazaarbizarre.org. The book will be available October 10th, or pre-order it from Amazon today.



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