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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Block (p)arty

Bwahahahaha! Time to sell your stock in punk rock knitting, and buy shares of Lego! British artists John cake and Darren Neave are The Little Artists, a lego-wielding duo that are currently showing their work at Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery. Art Craziest Nation reads like a catalog of Cool Brittania's greatest hits. You'll find Damien Hirst's Shark Tank, Marc Quinn's Blood Head (featured above), Rachel Whiteread's Concrete House, and Jeff Koons' floating basketballs. You'll find artists mingling in the galleries, including Turner Prize winning potter Grayson Perry and Gilbert and George.

Cake & Neave have transformed themselves into two loveable, mischievous cartoon characters, The Little Artists. They exist in the realm of merchandise, between aggressively marketed children's culture like Pokemon and gallery gift shops, where art becomes a commodity: "We question what it means to be an artist in the current super-branded cultural climate."
The Little Artists are aiming for the stars. They vow to win the Turner Prize, and take their rightful places among the British Art glitterati. They have a huge lego vocabulary, despite the fact that they're using entirely stock pieces (they may do a little bit of painting here and there). Maybe I should hook them up with a double date with Amy Hughes and her cat!

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