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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Artist's Bio

I'm writing this from work, where my task this morning...no shit ladies and gentelemen, is to design the crest for a golf shirt for the Department of Homeland Security. The motto for the division that I am doing the logo for is the spectacularly Orwellian "SAFE, SECURE, FRIENDLY". Sometimes life and art take strange turns...you never know quite what you might end up doing. I would bet that Laura Splan cherishes this fact. Splan is a Bay Area artist with a serious jones for microbiology. It's in her blood, in fact. Her father and sister both work for a company that manufactures surgical and medical products such as implants. Ms. Splan has funneled her interest (the only MFA recipient that I know of to have taken independent study in microbiology) into her art. She has created a stunning variety of science-themed art, including plush stuffed pills and capsules, a catheter bag cozy, and my favorite, pictured above...meat pillows. The pillowcases have inkjet printed scans of human skin on them, and if that wasn't enough, the effect is completed by a scan of meat printed on the pillows themselves. Her work can currently be seen at the Nathan Larramendy Gallery in Ojai, California.

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