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Friday, August 12, 2005

Turn it up! (Bring the Toys)

I was one of those kids who gave up on toys as soon as I could stick my nose in a book. Not that I was an overly-serious kid, but I spent my twenties accumulating ton of toys and kitschy little 70's and 80's hipster totems. Welcome Back Kotter garbage can? Must have. Mint condition Six Million Dollar Man doll? Where do I send my money. I've gotten much much better about acquiring kitschy toys, but perhaps I should have attacked the problem at its root. Adults need to play! One person who knows this is Didi Dunphy, an Athens, Georgia based artist who builds beautiful toys for big boys and girls. Pictured above is her naugahyde-covered skateboard. She also makes swings, teeter-totters, room dividers, and a very serious lite-brite.

As if that wasn't enough, Did is out to subvert the entire male-dominated world of 20th Century painting. How does she do this? Through CROSS STITCH, of course! She has created embroidery patterns for your dish towels and baby bibs inspired by such artistic loose cannons as Ad Reinhart, Elsworth Kelly, and Piet Mondrian. Embroider one for your baby to transform into a Jackson Pollack when he or she throws up all over it.

LINK to Modern Convenience, LINK to Cross stitch patterns


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