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Thursday, August 25, 2005

I am Curious (Fellow)

I'm still working on putting up some posts from the Atlanta FolkFest. The freshest breath of freshest air among all of the fakefolk and jaded dealers was Sean Samoheyl, an artist from Virginia. For once, here was an artist at a major show who wasn't taking a single schtick and driving it into the ground. Sean seems like the best case scenario for an artist--creative certainly--creativity dripped from his carved, crocheted, and assembled fiber objects, but Sean is also very curious. As strange as it seems, It's rare for me to find artists who are genuinely curious about exploring new things and filtering them through their own worldview. Perhaps somewhat quixotically, Sean was staging puppet shows at his booth in the middle of the festival. Not many stuffy old ladies in search of Boo Radley-produced art stopped to watch, but those who did got to see a rare treat. In the photo above, Sean is posing with a very charming carved sculpture of two sweaters...Ernie and Bert's. Catch phrases from Sesame street are stamped into the wood base. Sigh. So check out his new WEBSITE, and cross your fingers that you run into his work in the real world.



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