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Monday, August 22, 2005

Get Your Dog On!

Last month, HGTV's Offbeat America program featured Victoria Pettigrew's VIP Fibers, a business devoted to dog sweaters. It's not what you think, though--these sweaters are knit FROM dogs, not for dogs. Have you ever lamented the leftover ball of fur after you brushed fluffy? According to the site, DOG FUR is 80% warmer than sheep's wool. The best breeds for dog weaving are the Chow and Shih-Tzu, along with Himalayan and Persian Cats. For a limited time, VIP will pay you $1.00 per ounce for your clean pet fur. They will also spin your pet fur into yarn! That's not all! You can buy pre-spun pet yarn and items of clothing for them. They even make keepsakes, including hair scrunchies, dream catchers, and finger puppets. If these aren't a good enough memento for you, check out this classic Extreme Craft post.



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