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Monday, August 22, 2005

Faux-lk Fest 2005

Yesterday, I attended Atlanta's annual Folkfest. I've been living in Atlanta for five years, and never set foot in a FolkFest, because I know what "Folk Art" means to Atlantans: rich ladies who make paintings of their cats...and elvis...and high-heeled shoes...and make them really badly...and festoon them with acrylic jewels and bottlecaps. You'll also find a healthy collection of jaded people with MFA degrees living in backwaters, cranking out art similar to that described above. In that regard, Folkfest didn't disappoint. I would estimate that 90% of the art there looked like it was painted by a bored housewife doing Percoset in the bottom of a well, but there were some really good art dealers--including Nashville's TAG gallery. Tomorrow, I'll start writing about some of the genuinely great artists that I talked to, including Danny "Bucket Man" Hoskinson, who I would estimate to be America's greatest living Folk Artist. Until tomorrow!


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