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Monday, August 01, 2005

The Crafty Shall Inherit the Earth

Dennis Stevens
is a ceramic artist and thinker living in San Jose, California. His weblog, Redefining Craft always has novel takes on Craft, the Universe, and Everything. His most recent salvo involves imagining a scenario in which crafty folks actually benefit from PEAK OIL. His article quotes Robert Heinlein, references William Morris, and quotes the great craft philosopher...erm..Hank Williams Jr. From the article:

This is a transition that many craftspeople and those that work with their hands would openly welcome, as the sociocultural playing field would be leveled, in short order. Just imagine the consequences… some of it would be laughably dreamy for those of us that know how to work with our hands. That is not to say that it would be a pleasant experience, but it might be a neat social experiment, nonetheless.
Does anyone remember that 70's movie Americathon, starring John Ritter? Tracksuits became de rigeur because everybody had to jog wherever they wanted to go. People used their now useless cars for other things. Now imagine that world dominated by rogue knitters and mod-podge wielding decoupage artists, and you get the picture.



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