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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Copter Rock

My favorite restaurant in Atlanta is called the Colonnade. It's a great Southern restaurant where the patrons are equal parts elderly gentlemen in seersucker suits and middle-aged gay couples. Across the street from the Collonnade is MASTERS ATLANTA, a huge strip club that put a great feature into the facade of their building a few years back. They built two huge neon towers flanking their doorway, and put life-sized helicopters on top of the towers. As if that wasn't enough, they put the classic "naked-lady mudflap silhouette" on the blades of the helicopters. The Colonnade is usually the first place I take visitors to Atlanta, so we enjoyed looking at the helicopters while eating our greens and fried chicken. Alas, the silhouettes disappeard a while back, and the helicopters followed soon after. All that is left now are the sad neon towers. I'm pretty sure the helicopters were called up for Gulf War II. But I digress.

Artist Shannon Goff is best known for her acrylic painted 60's appliances. She makes perky, angular mixers, blenders and waffle irons out of clay and exhibits them in groups, lending visual interest and nuance to their otherwise mundane functions. Okay...I admit. I don't think anything is mundane about kitchen appliances. I'm hoping that Sally Struthers might start up an adoption program for Viking Ranges, but that's another story.

Ms. Goff has trumped herself. For a current exhibition at the Susanne Hilberry Gallery in Detroit, she has constructed a LIFE SIZED HELICOPTER out of CARDBOARD! I don't know all of the details, but this puppy looks ready for battle. Let's hope the government doesn't call it up to join the strip club helicopters in Iraq.



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