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Thursday, August 04, 2005

C30 C60 C90 GO!

A few months back, I read some articles about sound artist Alyce Santoro's SONIC FABRIC. She developed a fabric woven from a blend of casssette tapes and cotton. When a magnetic tape head is moved over the fabric, the cassette tapes naturally become audible. She has the fabric made by a craft cooperative in Nepal, who weave the cassette tapes that she supplies into a workable fabric. Recently, Alyce made a sonic dress for a member of the band Phish, along with a custom-made glove with tape heads embedded in the fingers. When the glove was rubbed over the dress, the sound was transmitted through the tape heads, and into the P.A. system. It's easy to make your own player for Sonic Fabric--just take an old Walkman, unscrew the tape head, and mount it on the outside! Her website has a variety of crafty products made from the fabric, as well as a swatch kit that you can buy if you'd like to order Sonic Fabric for your own projects.

LINK thanks Katherine!


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