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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Would you like some Bile with your Crossstitch?

The next time you have to grovel at the feet of your idiot boss, remember that what does not drive you to gouge your eyes out with knitting needles makes you stronger. Just ask Julie at Subversive Crossstitch. Julie specializes in crossstich samplers with messages such as "Babies Suck" and "Go Fuck Yourself". If you're looking for just the right homey touch to accent your hearth, give Julie a call. What's more, she is an enabler, producing fine crossstitch kits so that you can manage your own anger management. She even does commissions, such as the one above, sent in by Marzi, a patron of the arts. Apparently, Julie can't be stopped! Her new "Fuck Cancer" pieces benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and she has begun selling select kits through Urban Outfitters.
LINK thanks Marzi!


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