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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

State of Erin Zona

Erin Zona, Erin Zona, Erin Zona. I knew the myth long before I met the legend. This genre busting artist has left a wake of destruction in her path that stretches from Arkansas to Kansas City to Chicago. Seriously...In addition to her work as a social gadfly and cake-sitter, Erin has created some monumental embroidered work, including The Texas Trilogy: The First, Second, and Last Scene of Mortality, which is displayed above. The title is based on a piece by Prudence Punderson, an 18th Century Needlepoint artist who trafficked in very tiny, very detailed renderings of domestic setting, with a healthy dollop of ghoulish symbolism.

This fall, Erin will be releasing the first installment of her new graphic novel, "Your Planet Has Not Seen Its Golden Age", which will be released quarterly through www.themouthofthesouth.net, starting October 31st, 2005.



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