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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Playa Hatter

I used to own a record store in Lincoln, Nebraska (How's that for indie cred!). I stocked all sorts of music from around the world, but particularly the midwest. I can remember carrying records by Minnesota band The Blue Up? and frontlady Ana Voog's anavoog.com album. You may know Ana Voog better as the woman behind anacam, a 24-hour a day, 7-days a week webcam. Ana was just featured in a documentary called Webcam Girls that profiles some of the leading lights behind the webcam phenomenon.

As if being a musician, artist, collector, and webcam diva wasn't enough, Ana is now fiendishly crocheting amazing avant-garde hats and accessories. In addition to her crochet website, she also runs a crochet-based livejournal called String Theory to keep us up with her comings and goings. Ana Voog's hats are everything that hats should be...impractical, individual, and WARM! They are an outlandish tribute to the lost art of hat wearing.

LINK thanks Kate!


At 7/28/2005 01:13:00 PM, Blogger chloe said...

wait which record store did you used to own? I remember the 3 months I lived in Lincoln I used to shop at this used shop that was aweseome except for the amazingly condescending guy (you're far to young to be him so phew) who would always act when he asked what you were looking for as though there was no possible way that as a 20 something living in Nebraska your tastes could be advanced or peculiar enough that he probably wouldn't have it. I think one of the resason that I used to like going in there before I ended up having to go to Homer's and special order the thing, was that I knew that the experimental jazz I was into at the time and other really odd requests would not be on his shelves and that as soon as I told him what I was out for he'd shut up for a second and then be left sputtering for something sufficieftly peculiar to suggest to me. I kind of miss those little games.


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