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Monday, July 11, 2005

Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee

To my mind, almost nothing could be finer than watching crap TV while working on a craft project. I joined Netflix with the idea that maybe I could watch nice, cultural films while crafting, but this drastically cut into my productivity (#&$^%@ subtitles). I was working on some ceramathings yesterday while watching the closest thing to porn that weather has to offer: hurricane coverage. I chose CNN's coverage, because they had the highest number of doofuses in ponchos trying to stand vertically in 100 MPH winds. They waved different measuring devices and ducked pieces of debris (I actually saw Anderson Cooper narrowly escape death by flying pieces of a Ramada Hotel sign). In celebration of Hurricane Dennis being downgraded to a "tropical depression", Extreme Craft brings you this link to "IKEA" Refugee housing to aid the downtrodden and displaced. Vestal Design developed this house, which folds up into 1/4 of a shipping container, and assembles in about an hour. They based the assembly drawings on IKEA assembly instructions, and even included dishes and silverware.


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