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Thursday, July 07, 2005


IKEA just opened up a new store here in Atlanta. Luckily, nobody was crushed to death during the opening, although people camped outside the store for over 5 days. The lengths that people will go to for a taste of particle board and veneer. Which reminds me--the hottest do-it-yourself project currently making the rounds on the internet is Joe Scanlon's guide to constructing a coffin from three pieces of IKEA furniture. The subtitle of his guide is "How to kill yourself anywhere in the world for under $399". For only $27.50, you can order his fully illustrated book, which includes instructions for making some lovely flower stands out of the leftover pieces.

...Kazimir Malevich designed and built his own coffin without compromising his aesthetics or his politics. Sensing her failing beauty and waning political influence, the nineteenth century seductress and amateur photographer the Countess Castiglione made The Foot, one of her most touching and sardonic photographs.


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