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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Technology Nails It!

Digital printing is taking over. From building-sized graphics to 3D rapid prototype machines, just about anything is possible through digital imaging. I thought I had seen it all until I ran into the Nailjet Pro, a DIGITAL PRINTER FOR YOUR FINGERNAILS! Simply visit your local Nailjet Pro equipped salon, and they can print a huge variety of graphics onto your nails. The prints work just as well on fake fingernails as they do on natural ones, and I understand that custom images can even be loaded into the machine. The possibilities have my mind spinning. Will somebody please make some art with this thing? With the lengths that museum gift stores go to these days (Cezanne baseballs, Rosetta Stone Paperweights), it would be great to visit a Blockbuster exhibition, and come away with paintings on your fingernails. Better yet...what if the exhibition WAS the fingernail printing! Sigh.


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