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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Shop and Awe

It's time to send mad, mad, mad, mad, mad props out to close personal friend of Extreme Craft, Kate Bingaman. Kate runs the website Obsessive Consumption, and has been a busy, crafty lady lately, churning out cuddly stuffed dollar signs, shirts, pins, and books...not to mention her art. Did I mention the art? Notably, Obsessive Consumption V.1 served as a journal of EVERY shred of ANYTHING that Kate purchased for over a year (earning the obsessive in the website name). I can't really tell you how entertaining it is to trawl through photographic evidence of her consumer joy...you just have to experience it for yourself. As anybody who has been through graduate school can tell you, there is only one thing that consumer joy while getting your MFA can bring...and that is a mountain of debt. Kate's not afraid to share the big scarlet "D" (for debtor) that she pinned on herself while paying back all of that debt.

Fortunately for us, that Scarlet "D" is Obsessive Consumption V.2, which chronicles Kate's road to debt-free living. She has been making drawings of all of her credit card statements, which she has packaged in a handmade book Shop and Awe. Additionally, the website contains links to other consumerist memes, ongoing projects, and the fabulous Obsessive Consumption Store Extravaganza, where you just might be able to purchase true happiness. I'm totally serious.


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