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Monday, June 27, 2005

Sewer Rock

I have come to accept the fact that many of my friends live vicariously through me. Not everyone can handle living life with the knobs turned up to eleven. I'm always playing Whirlyball games against notable rock bands, drinking spicy ginger ale in seedy taverns, and...um... I guess that's as debaucherous as I get. Anyway, The New York Times blew the lid off of the whole debaucherous Rocknroll lifestyle in yesterday's Style Section. Check out this exchange between members of the Los Angeles Band Marjorie Fair:

Anything crazy - wink-wink - happen on the road?

"Evan taught me how to sew," the bassist, Scott Lord, said with genuine reverence. "He could thread a needle in the dark even when the road was bumpy."

"Er, that's not really a good image for our image," said Evan Slamka, the 30-year-old lead singer and guitarist. "I was making alterations."



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