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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Scouts Honor

I just attended the MOCA GA's current exhibition, "The Last Taboo". TABOO was an Atlanta art collective in the 1990's. They showed their work relentlessly, in just about every venue in town. Their art was witty, caustic, and hard to define (notoriously, they challenged the curatorial staff of the High Museum to a bowling match, which they lost). Sadly, Larry Jens Anderson is the only surviving member of the collective. Kudos to MOCA GA for mounting this show, which coincides with PRIDE weekend (even though the show's duration is way too short). Notable Extreme Craft sightings included Larry Jens Anderson's "Gay Merit Badges" and Robert Scherer's "HIV + 15 Years", a reproduction of Rodin's "The Thinker" made of burnt matches. There were also several gorgeous woodburned pieces by Scherer that used Boy Scout Manual imagery subversively.

To imbue these wood-burned images with an air of authenticity I render them with actual camp craft materials such as leather, rustic wood, tarpaulin, lanyards and grommets. I am adept with these materials because they were someof my most comforting diversions during those thrilling and perilous years of self discovery. They also provided me with a sense of personal achievement because they earned me merit badges.



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