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Friday, June 10, 2005

Raising the (C)rafters

The Reboot Conference is going on right now in Copenhagen, Denmark. While you are there, you can attend various lectures about open source technology and the future of the internet. This morning, Ulla-Maria Mutanen presented a lecture called "The Long Tail of Fashion".

In Europe and Japan, the trend against mass-produced fashion is growing. An increasing number of people prefer to buy their apparel from a designer someone has recommended, or one that they personally know. This presentation is about craftblogging - producing hand-made fashion items and publishing them on weblogs. Examples of how people produce, tag and share self-made fashion items on-line provide an opportunity to understand the potential of the Long Tail of Fashion.

Excitingly, Ms. Mutanen, also known as "HobbyPrincess" presented her draft of "The Crafter's Manifesto". In the manifesto, she gives shape to a lot of things that I have been noticing about the increasing role that craft is playing throughout different segments of society.

LINK to the manifesto (via boingboing)


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