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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Brooklyn-based artist Sarah Cihat's "Fifty-Cents" line of dinnerware is a crafty high-design exercise in recycling. She takes ordinary dinnerware that she buys at thrift stores, and "rehabilitates" it.

Fifty-Cents is an exercise in sustainability that reincarnates existing products. Used or unwanted ceramics are redesigned and resurfaced then presented as new collections. Interesting designs and modern colors enliven the dish, extending its life cycle past the thrift store or overstock pile. Each piece represents a rejection of more brand new products filling shelves and storage closets. Fifty-Cents is a subtle statement of the importance of recycling and the renewed value of unwanted things.

Ms. Cihat draws from the world of high fashion in a ways that parallel Jonathan Adler's seasonal "collections". Colors are carefully chosen and presented together to correspond with current design and fashion trends. The new imagery that she glazes onto the work tends toward the playful and transgressive--rock stars, horses...exotic dancers. Register your china pattern at a fine retailer near you.


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