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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

First Rosey, now Rosie!

I follow Rosie O'Donnell's weblog pretty religiously. It's an orgy of free verse about her life, her friends, the nature of celebrity, and whatever dadaist thoughts pop into her head. So I admit...I didn't exactly start reading it because I'm a fan of her poetry, television show, or acting (save the sublime Riding on the Bus with my Sister), but sustained reading of Rosie's blog is, I think, an unparalleled look into the sould of a person living within the celebrity sphere. Somehow, in all of the blog reading, I missed the fact that Rosie has an amazing Flickr photostream. In addition to pictures of her friends and family, there are plenty of collages and assemblages that she makes. While she may not be the next Joseph Cornell, she's amazingly prolific. Let it Bleed, Rosie!


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