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Monday, June 27, 2005

Crochet's Rebellion

I always knew that that crocheting posed a big threat to the establishment. While the British are spending their time trying to ban hoodies (or Bunnyhugs as twisted Canadians refer to them), a Washington D.C. law firm has its knickers in a twist over crocheted nudes being exhibited in a gallery in their building. A new exhibit at the Eleven Eleven Sculpture Gallery entitled Not The Knitting You Know features work by Ming-Yi Sung, a Washington area elementary school teacher who crochets sculptural nudes in allegorical and mythological settings. Certain humans at the law firm, who share the building with the gallery, were offended by the sculptures, and ordered them to be removed. The artist was initially (rightly) offended by their request, but has shown her grace (and wit) under fire by KNITTING A BUNCH OF FIG LEAVES for the exhibition. Viewers will now find crocheted fig leaves on the figures, and a codpiece (shaped like a real cod) on one of the male figures.
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