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Monday, June 27, 2005

Blinding Science

Last night, I was listening to an old recording of Mother Maybelle Carter at the Newport Folk Festival circa 1963. She was giving an autoharp workshop, and explaining how she started to play the autoharp to mimic Sara Carter's distinctive flat-picking guitar style. It is precisely this MacGyver mentality that drives many crafters to create...not stopping to wonder too long whether something is possible, just getting down to brass tacks and doing it. I've always suspected that something similar is at work in scientists. Princeton University has just published the first in what I hope will become an annual event--The Art of Science competition. Princeton invited scientists in their community to submit images obtained in the course of their research. The results are staggering--nearly 200 entries from 100 individuals in 15 departments. Did you ever wonder what it might look to stare down a fallopian tube from inside the uterus? Wonder no more. I've attended more than my fair share of scientific symposia, and most involve endless powerpoint presentations and poster sessions done entirely on Microsoft Word. The quality of these images negate every screenbean that I've had to endure.
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