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Thursday, May 19, 2005

This is Not a Teapot!

While I'm in Geekland (which I seem to be more often than not these days), let me share a link with you that I found on BoingBoing this morning. You are looking at a wireframe teapot that lives inside of a gutted Commodore computer. This might be the most extreme teapot that I've ever encountered...and that's saying something. When you visit the site, be sure to click on the video link.

Graphics Demo is a modified Commodore CBM 3032 computer. Its inner life was replaced by a mechanics.
A wireframe model of a teapot, soldered out of silvered copper wire, is gimballed inside the monitor cabinet. The model is varnished with green uv-active paint and lighted by four blacklight tubes, which are installed invisible inside the cabinet. The teapot can be rotated in any direction by using the numeric keypad. During the rotation, you can hear the electric motors and feel their vibrations.



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