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Friday, May 13, 2005


Holy Shit! I can say one thing with certainty today, and that is the fact that Marilyn Scott-Waters rocks ultrahard. BoingBoing just posted a link to her site, which is an online collection of Victorian toys that you can download, print on your own damn printer, and assemble. She just published a book called The Toymaker: Folding Paper Toys That You Can Make Yourself, which you can buy through her site. The site also features a blog where she publishes her newest toys, sketches and ideas. In a similar vein, you can go to Jotto.com, the website of J. Otto Seibold, one my favorite illustrators, and download a charming "Bubblesoap" box. Also worth checking out is his popup version of "Alice in Wonderland". While you're still in the pop-up mood, check out a lovely online History of Pop-Up and Moveable Books HERE.


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