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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Future Is Not As Good As It Used To Be

While searching the internet for information on digital ceramic decals, I ran into this piece by artist Judith Cook. "Not the Last Supper" is a virtual china cabinet full of "cyberceramics", that is, ceramic plates that have been designed on the computer, and applied to plates using a dye sublimation printing method. It's interesting to note that this exhibit occured circa 2000, when true digital decals were just a glint in some ceramic engineer's eye.

The cyberceramic mixed media works represented here are selections from the series "Not the Last Supper" which are 13 portraits that act as both a homage to those individuals who have supported or affected my work with fired ceramic materials and/or as an homage to new forms of digital craft. Iíve been exploring alternative formats of portraiture for the past twelve years and these portrait formats have pushed the boundaries in actualizing my interest in reality and illusion. The "dining format" would not be possible without respectively referencing both forthright and subliminally the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Judy Chicago, Jeanne Otis and other artists who have utilized dining formats as portraiture. I use the computer as a tool and this tool has in turn transformed my craft and my art.



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