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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Come to the Dark Side

Last night, I joined the geeked-out throngs at the Midtown 8 in Atlanta for the premiere of Star Wars Episode III. I'm not the world's biggest Star Wars fan, but I can't deny the affection that my 5-year old self had for the first movie. I collected action figures and trading cards...I even...erm...carried around a purse that held my actions figures. Ahem. Like anything that attracts a cultish following, Star Wars has its share of tributes, expressed through the wonder of craft. It is with great joy that I bring you my Star Wars Craft roundup.

Knitting-and.com has these lovely Star Wars knitting patterns. Happy Magpie is your home for Star Wars Oragami. Scale model builders interested in Star Wars ships can find plenty of love at www.starshipmodeler.com. Here's a gallery of collectible Star Wars ceramic mugs and knick-knacks. How about some Star Wars crochet squares from Leann Hamm! Are you looking for some insane machine-knitted Star Wars tapestries from an insane Godparent? Find them HERE. Also shocking, is this fan's gallery of dioramas that he has made from all six movies.

There are a bazillion sites devoted to creating Star Wars Costumes. You can get into all sorts of crafty trouble at TK-409, an entire site devoted to do-it-yourself Star Wars props. Hot on that sites heels is TK560.com, which also includes genres apart from Star Wars. One of the best things I have seen in my entire life is the annual Stormtrooper parade at Dragoncon in Atlanta. Finally, the official Star Wars site has an offering of craft projects including holiday ornaments, dioramas, and valentines. Whew! if anyone has any notable additions, please send them to me HERE


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