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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Put the Taste of the South in your Mouth!

My friends Cliff and Kate live in Starkville, Mississippi. It can be a tad stifling in Starkville, culturallly speaking, so they have to go on road trips to preserve their sanity. They just posted a great picture of a happy BBQ pig chef, which reminded me of one of my favorite sign genres....the Barbecue sign! There is an art to creating a happy BBQ pig chef--it has to look pleased to be cooking/eating itself. Back in my vegetarian days, I created a great mascot for a Lincoln, NE rib shack--a smiling pig tucking into a huge, dripping rack of ribs. So I started poking around on the internet to see if anyone had created an online gallery of barbecue sign images. Do you know the meaning of the word DUH? Allan Baker wrote a great online article for www.fiery-foods.com which serves a compendium of great Southern BBQ signs. My favorite sign is pictured above:

Could this be any more grisly? A skeleton, wearing doctors' clothes, keeping the pig alive with an I.V. while sharpening his cleaver, as the pig looks on--one could safely say--with a bit of apprehension! I looked at the menu...there's your standard fare-- chicken, ribs, chicken and ribs, and of course pork--but prepared in so many different ways, that it's not just a meal, but 'fun' for the whole family. Sandwiches, pulled pork, chopped pork, and the Dr. Bones "claim-to-fame,"tortured pork!!



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