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Monday, April 18, 2005

Goin' to the Chapeau of Love

On Saturday, my fair lady Claire and I attended the Atlanta Steeplechase. We were blessed with perfect weather, a bountiful picnic basket, and Divertisements like terrier and pig races. The racing was cool and all (Claire picked the winners in two of the three races we saw), but the main event had to be the famous Ladies Hat Contest. I would have to say that around 100 women competed, vying for top honors in the "best hat" and "most whimsical" categories. Far and away, my favorite hats were these tributes to "Desperate Housewives". Each hat was decorated with a picket fence, a character from the show, and various decorations central to that character's vices (I particularly loved Gabrielle's garden implements). I apologize for losing one of my close-up
photos, but you can see the other three HERE, HERE, and HERE.


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