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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Knitters with Attitude

I just got back from a fabulous trip to Kenya and the Seychelles. I got a bonus day in London, and was totally excited to see some art...but it was a Monday. I had to "settle" for going to the Tate Modern (Thanks, Pete!) because it was the only museum that was open, but I missed out on a bunch of great exhibitions, including the Victoria and Albert Museum's new Arts and Crafts Movement exhibit, and chiefly, the Craft Council Gallery's "Knit 2 Together". This looks like an amazing show--I only wish that I could see it in person. From the gallery statment:

The humble knitted stitch has received a bad press. The elder aunt of the craft world, it is synonymous with granny-knits two sizes too large, or women of ‘a certain age’. It is time to reclaim knitting from this stereotype and embrace those of us that love to knit, men and women of all ages – knitting is coming in from the cold.
From knitted interiors, intricately structured textiles, narrative hangings, knitting by chance and French-knitted flowers, Knit 2 Together illustrates the many faces of the art of looping fibres together.

Sigh. Maybe next time. Link


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