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Sunday, February 27, 2005

What the Flock!

Putting Extreme Craft together has its perks. Without it, friends probably wouldn't send me links to sites as great as The Church of Craft. I have known many many groups of rogue crafters who get together for drinkies and gossip, but here is an opportunity to have some drinkies, some host, and get some knitting done at the same time. You can get married by the Church of Craft. You can become ordained in the Church of Craft and tend to your own flock.

The Church of Craft aims to create an environment where any and all acts of making have value to our humanness. When we find moments of creation in our everyday activities, we also find simple satisfaction. The power of creating gives us the confidence to live our lives with all the love we can. By promoting creativity, we offer access to a non-denominational spiritual practice that is self-determined and proactive.



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