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Friday, February 11, 2005

Because I Like Shiny Things...

Ordinarily, Ceramics Monthly magazine can suck my nuts. For some reason, I picked up a copy of the new issue earlier this week, and there was actually a great article...aprofile of Philadelphia artist Rain Harris. Rain has a studio at the Clay Studio, which actually seems to have a few very interesting ceramacists at the moment...Kari Radasch and Harin Lee among them. Anyway, Rain takes bits of slip-cast ephemera and combines them into porcelain vessels and wall sculptures that use Capo Di Monte and other European porcelain as a starting point, then lets her imagination run rampant. It's rare that contemporary ceramic artists actually take the "more is more" aesthetic to its logical extreme. Rain uses just the right amount of gold luster, rhinestones,and tassels to achieve her evil goals. I'd include a link to the Ceramics Monthly article, but being complete dicks, they charge for access. Here's a link to a show from last year called "Gilding the Lily".


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