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Sunday, February 27, 2005

15 minutes of Folk

So maybe this is too much information, but I was just watching the academy awards, and Counting Crows were singing some song from Shrek 2. It struck me that the singer is slowly morphing into Kid, from the rap group Kid-N-Play. Anyway, I found this lovely painting of Kid-N-Play by the late folk artist Chuckie "Artist Chuckie" Williams. This painting totally made me forget about my search for other pictures of Kid and the Counting Crow dude. Instead, I have been drooling over paintings of Bell Biv DeVoe, Debbie Allen from "Fame", and Keith Sweat. There's so much love stuffed into these paintings that even the backs are painted. Who is painted on the reverse side of Keith Sweat? Why Cher, of course! Who is on the back of his painting of Susanne Sommers? A landscape with horses...like, Duh! These paintings are what Wesley Willis should have painted if he wasn't a great visual artist already. Rock over London!


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